The club of l’Arrabassada in Barcelona

Extravagance and elegance are verifiable in basically every one of the tales that are told about gambling clubs, however on this event, the secret assumes control over the one that was destined to turn into the image of the monetary extension of Barcelona toward the finish of the nineteenth 100 years and the start of the twentieth hundred years. XX. Situated on the La Rabassada street, in the district of Sant Cugat del Vallès, the Club and Gran Inn de La Rabassada got various players who bet on roulette or games. It was conclusively shut in 1930, yet the death of the years has just expanded the legends that loom over the old complex. In this new section, we will find the most mysterious of all.

A surprising gambling club for the time

The development of the Gran Lodging in 1899 was just the first of the means taken by the engineer Andreu Audet I Puig, since years after the fact, it was extended by integrating an entertainment mecca and a great gambling club into the 10.68-hectare site. , designed by the French painter Edmond Lechavallier Chevignard. In excess of 300 individuals went to the initiation hung on July 15, 1911. This turned into a novel occasion for the time, since how much 2.5 million pesetas was contributed, an unbelievable figure back then. years.

How is it that it could be in any case, the structure immediately turned into a seal of the city, since the main café with Parisian gourmet experts, ensemble, extravagance suites and tremendous nurseries with fascinating vegetation from various pieces of the planet, they enchanted every one of their guests. Also the area of attractions, motivated by parks in London, Paris and New York, with a thrill ride 2 km long with long passages. In the press at the time the accompanying declaration could be read:”First class foundation, 400 meters above ocean level and encompassed by rich woodlands. The geographical circumstance, from the pleasant and solid perspective, has no opponent in Europe. Dwelling from 8 pesetas without breakfast. Individually café and cutlery from 5 pesetas.”

Everything functioned according to plan and the references in papers and periodicals, added the visit of those players who showed up by funicular or in the vehicles empowered by the proprietors of the scene with takeoff from the focal point of Barcelona. Indeed, even a couple of days after the opening, a cable car line was opened, working with correspondence between the city and the club, which in a brief time frame turned into an eminent spot to play roulette.

The decay

In full achievement and acknowledgment as a sporting space second to none, the offices got an extreme blow when just a year subsequent to opening to general society, the club was shut after the lead representative’s restriction on betting. The setting kept on working as an inn, café and entertainment mecca to resume the club years after the fact. Once more, in 1929, on the event of the Worldwide Show, the spot sparkled, however another boycott, this time by Primo de Rivera, prompted the ever-evolving conclusion of movements of every sort in the complex around 1930.

The development, which during the nationwide conflict filled in as a reinforced hideout and as a military enclosure, was crushed in 1940, leaving a few walls, segments other little parts in horrendous shape still noticeable. This and a portion of the occasions that are said to have occurred inside have made a few guests come to the spot, wondering for no specific reason, professing to have seen a progression of paranormal occasions in the old gambling club and lodging.


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