Review of Birds! Online Slot

Birds! is a game that may appeal to both casual gamers and rookie gamblers because to its charming and engrossing visuals and its innovative method of awarding winnings, which does not rely on paylines. When you match birds with the same feathers to make enormous clusters on the screen, you may earn up to 13,650 coins each cluster in real money!

Birds! also has BetSoft’s tried-and-true double-up feature and a free spins bonus that guarantees a certain amount of winning spins. And since it is accessible on any platform, including mobile phones, this slot will let you to experience its unique features and gameplay regardless of your location.

How to Play the Birds! Online Slot Machine

As you would imagine from its appearance, Birds! by Betsoft is designed for leisure and novice gamers and is quite simple to play. Choosing the magnitude of your wager, which is controlled by the coin value and bet level settings on the left, is the first step of your game. These parameters allow you to change your wager according to your playing budget, from a minimum of 0.25 credits to a maximum of 250 credits each spin.

This slot game is interesting not just because it has no paylines, but also because it pays per symbol. Each matching symbol in a sequence earns a preset payout, which is awarded in coins and grows as the wager amount is increased. If you play for real money at the first betting level, you may earn between 2 and 182 coins each symbol, for a maximum win of 2,730 coins every winning sequence (182 coins x 15 symbols as the highest sequence). However, by increasing the bet level to a maximum of five, the rewards will climb to a maximum of 13,650 coins every spin. And that’s without considering the cascading function, which might significantly increase your payments.

If you like playing at online casinos while on the go, Birds! is also available as a mobile-optimized version that is compatible with all iOS and Android-powered devices. Understandably, there are less buttons on your screen when you move to a mobile device, with the slot providing simple access to simply the spin button and hiding all other bet options in the game’s menu.

Features and Free Spins Concerning Birds

This slot machine’s odd mechanisms are one of its most intriguing characteristics. This slot is a “chain reaction game” that pays out for triggering on-screen responses as opposed to matching symbols on a payline. Combining “cluster payouts” and cascading reels principles, the chain reaction feature pays out when three or more matching bird symbols meet horizontally or vertically, but not diagonally, on the screen.

If you establish a cluster of paying symbols, the slot machine will give you a reward per symbol and then replace them with new, fresh symbols, giving you a second opportunity to win money at no additional cost. And after all wins have been paid out, you’ll be able to increase them using the double-up function. This feature, accessible through the “Double Up” button on your screen, is a simple coin toss game in which you may risk 100 percent or 50 percent of your reward to double it by selecting “heads” or “tails.”

When you get a reward, the game also adds one point to the distinctive Flight Meter shown on your left. By accumulating numerous consecutive wins, you may fill up this meter to earn extra free spin bonuses. Four to six consecutive wins will only earn you 8 to 20 free spins, but seven or more consecutive wins will earn you 14 free spins and a certain amount of winning rounds!

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